Corporate Governance

Equity Works Assoc Inc employees and its volunteers acknowledge that people with disabilities have the same basic rights and responsibilities as other members of Australian society.

It is the inherent ‘right’ for the individual:

  • to be treated and valued as an individual, with dignity and respect
  • to realise his or her capacity for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development
  • to receive services without discrimination based upon gender, ethnic origin, aboriginality or level of disability
  • to participate in decision making about their lives, including the right to say ‘no’ to services that are offered
  • to ensure that the services individuals receive is based upon the concept of the Least Restrictive Alternative
  • to access an agency that is flexible that allows for changes as needs change
  • to be supported to raise concerns without recriminations
  • to have access to all personal information recorded and held – the exception to this value is documentation owned by EQUITY WORKS ASSOC. INC– e.g. financial records and staff information
  • to have meaningful social and physical inclusion into the individuals community and to be
  • supported to access mainstream community facilities and events
  • to make informed choices in their own lives
  • to dignity, respect, privacy and accountability
  • and the community to expect accountable and responsive service options