Equity Works for Me

Our Self Direction Service, Equity Works for Me, works with individuals and families in a personal way. We are committed to partnering with people to achieve their goals identified within a well-structured planning process within the guidelines available for self-directed funding.



Equity Works for Me understands that people wanting to self direct are aiming to fulfil their vision of a good life. Equity Works For Me encourages individuals and their families to have as much choice and control over their supports as possible within existing guidelines.

We work with individuals and families in a personalised way and offer the following pathway:

  • A free one-on-one consultation to establish each person’s individual requirements; If a Self Direction Agreement is established we can then assist with:
  • Planning in a creative way to establish a budget that addresses the person’s goals
  • ongoing support that is tailored for (and requested by) the person.

Equity Works for Me ensures that all reporting requirements are understood and can be managed by the individual. In the event additional assistance is required, we have the capacity to deliver highly skilled supports in all areas of:

  • sub-contracting
  • recruitment and staffing
  • case management
  • coordination


To access Equity Works For Me you will have access to;

Individualised funding allocated under the Your Life Your Choice program by the Department of Communities.


Your own private funding.

Referral and Assessment

You can make direct enquiries about our Self Directed Service. The Department of Communities determines eligibility for the Your Life Your Choice program.

Enquiries/Contact - Please contact Stephanie Whelan