Lily's Pad

Lily's Pad is a four bedroom, purpose built home being constructed in the Brisbane suburb of Boondall. The vision for Lily's Pad is as a community hub for families as well as a place where respite is shaped as a way of building positive relationships and valued opportunities for those who come to stay. The Steering Committee welcomes input from all Respite Plus families on how Lily's Pad can work for them.

Floor-Plan Of Lily Grace Place Respite Plus Families will be able to organise stays at Lily's Pad by making bookings for out of home respite and using their Respite Plus funding allocation and any other funding source they have available to them. Families living in regional areas will be able to make bookings based on planned trips to Brisbane. It is envisioned that Lily's Pad will serve as a familiar place with familiar people, in that, young people can share a booking with friends and be supported by Equity Works staff who work regularly with their family.

The House is being built and fitted out to deliver appropriate and safe supports and as a warm and welcoming space for people receiving supports and their families. Family directed workshops and gatherings will take place at Lily's Pad or families might like to catch up over coffee when visiting the house. An important part of the vision for Lily's Pad is the capacity to engage with extended family, friends and the local community. Within an environment of safety and consent, it will be possible to provide opportunities for volunteering at Lily's Pad as well as hosting events such as garden parties or summer barbecues, to engage with neighbours and the local community.

Getting to know Lily's Pad.

Individualised planning will take place for those families wishing to use Lily's Pad. The planning will be based on the needs of the family and their family member receiving supports.

  • Families may like to visit the house prior to their first planned overnight stay. Planned day visits prior to their stay are a way of ensuring that the surrounds are comfortable and familiar.
  • Staffing supports can be planned with our coordinators to ensure that familiar staff are available are rostered for family members.
  • Enjoying stays with friends is also an important part of the planning process as is the opportunity to meet new friends.

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