Respite Support Services

Respite Support Services offer a range of respite options for people with a disability. Services are delivered at our Respite Centre in Nambour where we provide support to individuals with a disability aged between 0 and 65. Centre based care for children aged younger than six years old will be subject to individualised assessment. In Home Respite can be negotiated only for those children under the age of 6 years.



Respite Support Services delivers Department of Communities funded services as well as services on a fee for service basis. Respite Support Services Staff are trained in supporting complex needs, manual handling, enteral feeding, behaviour support and a range of communication strategies.

Respite Support Services provides planned respite arrangements that are individualised and includes:

  • A compatibility assessment with others booked to stay at the same time which is ascertained in conjunction with Equity Works Assoc. Inc. Risk Management Policy, documented history, knowledge and feedback from stakeholders.
  • A variety of activities offered during stays, dependent on appropriate risk management and available resources.

Respite Support Services’ innovative approach will provide opportunities for:

  • The person in the primary caring role to take breaks over an agreed period of time
  • The individual with a disability to engage in meaningful and appropriate activities within a supportive home-style environment
  • Life skill development based on identified aims and ambitions of the individual
  • Involving, sharing and enjoying social presence within the community.


The person with the disability must meet the criteria set by the Disability Services Act 2006. The impairment must be permanent in nature or likely to be permanent, or may be of a chronic, episodic or recurring nature.

Referral and Assessment

Access to the funded services is via Disability Services Intake and Assessment process. To access the funded program families must be registered with Disability Services, Department of Communities and referred to our program by that Department. All referrals are assessed by the Respite Support Services Coordinator under the programs specific eligibility.

Applications for a fee for service by families who have been allocated Individual funding can be made from any source – self referral, other NGOs or government agencies.

Enquiries/Contact - Please contact Sandra Norley