Older Carers Initiative

The Older Carers Initiative (OCI) is a program targeting older carers who support a family member with a disability at home. The OCI initiative is a twofold program involving supporting or sustaining the family in their caring role and participation in planning for future accommodation options for their family member with a disability should they be unable to continue in their caring role.



The Older Carers Initiative has a flexible and innovative approach which will provide opportunities for people:

  • To develop life skills based on identified aims and ambitions
  • To be involved, share & enjoy social presence within the community
  • Enable carers to have flexible and creative respite options
  • To identify future planning needs when the carer is no longer able to support their son or daughter at home.

The Older Carers Initiative’s innovative approach will provide opportunities for:

  • The program coordinators work with the family unit as a whole in establishing a range of flexible respite options, according to individual need & preferences. (Access is dependent upon available funding and resources through brokered support).
  • When there has been recognition by the family that the person with the disability is to move out of the family home and live independently in the community, people can enquire to participate in the Planning for the Future program. This program aims to identify and fine tune the life skills required to achieve this independence. Participants are given every opportunity to learn and practice life skills in a safe, supported environment. (For others, supports can be purchased through Post School Options, Your Life, Your Choice program or fee for service funding arrangements)
  • Identifying possible future co-tenants that could share viable and cost efficient accommodation support arrangements. This is a collaborative arrangement, working closely with all persons and services involved in supporting the family units. Eligibility
  • The person with the disability must meet the criteria set by the Disability Services Act 2006. The impairment must be permanent in nature or likely to be permanent, or may be of a chronic, episodic or recurring nature.
  • The carer/parent must be over 65 years of age or Indigenous or Torres Strait islander over 50 years of age.
  • The son or daughter with the disability must reside in the family home.
  • The family must live in the Gympie and Sunshine Coast area.

Referral and Assessment

Access to the funded service is via Disability Services Intake and Assessment process. To access the funded program families must be registered with Disability Services, Department of Communities and referred to our program by that Department. All referrals are assessed by the Senior Project Officer under the Initiatives specific eligibility.

Enquiries/Contact - Please contact Colleen Cliffe