Host Support Services

Host Support Services provides support to families, enabling them to access suitable, flexible and individualised respite services for their family member in the Host Lifestyle Facilitator’s own home. The respite arrangements are all pre-planned visits and are ongoing throughout the year.



Host Support Services supports up to 11 families at one time. Planned respite arrangements are individualised and based upon:

  • Available funding and resources
  • The need of the Carer
  • Compatibility of the Client and Host Lifestyle Facilitator
  • Level & requirements of support needs of the Client

Host Support Services’ innovative approach will provide opportunities for:

  • The person in the primary caring role to take breaks over an agreed period of time
  • The individual with a disability to engage in meaningful and appropriate activities within a stimulating home environment
  • Life skill development based on identified aims and ambitions of the individual
  • Involve, share & enjoy social presence within the community


The person with the disability must meet the criteria set by the Disability Services Act 2006. The impairment must be permanent in nature or likely to be permanent, or may be of a chronic, episodic or recurring nature.

Referral and Assessment

Access to the funded service is via Disability Services Intake and Assessment process. To access the funded program families must be registered with Disability Services, Department of Communities and referred to our program by that Department. All referrals are assessed by the Host Support Services Coordinator under the programs specific eligibility. Of particular importance in the Host Support Services referral process is the availability of compatible Host Lifestyle Facilitators and the suitability of the Host environment.

Contact/Enquiries/Contact - Please contact Clare Edwards