Accommodation Support Services

Accommodation Support Services provide supports for our clients in a range of in home situations. We work closely with our clients and their families to ensure that their individualised needs and supports are identified and delivered.


Accommodation Support Services provide supports in a range of situations ranging from sole individuals living in their own homes through to shared arrangements where two or three people share their home and supports. We also provide supports for :

  • People living in the community who may require assistance in a range of areas and work in consultation with families and other service providers in the provision of quality services to our clients.
  • Clients who may chose to access services on a planned “drop in” basis

Accommodation Support Services’ innovative approach will provide opportunities for:

  • People with a disability to engage in meaningful and appropriate activities within a supportive home-style environment
  • Life skill development based on identified aims and ambitions of each individual
  • Involving, sharing and enjoying social presence within the community


The person with the disability must meet the criteria set by the Disability Services Act 2006. The impairment must be permanent in nature or likely to be permanent, or may be of a chronic, episodic or recurring nature.

Referral and Assessment

Accommodation Support Services are funded by the Department of Communities. Each referral is considered by Equity Works Assoc. Inc within a formalised referral process that examines a range of factors. Of particular importance in the Accommodation Support Services referral process is the assessment of compatibility (in shared arrangements) and we use a trial period to ensure the best outcomes for our clientele.

People wanting to enquire about support services to live independently using an NDIS Plan are invited to contact us.

We welcome enquiries and ask that you contact us for more information or to arrange a time to meet.