Equity For Youth Kicks Off in 2016


 Equity for Youth is the intent behind Equity Works' latest community based initiative. 

Equity Works received a grant from the Commonwealth Bank in 2015 in response to an application submitted to support a program addressing youth and vision for inclusive community building.

The group of young men have now participated in several events and are thoroughly enjoying their experiences and the opportunity to access activities they have not be able to, in the past.

Wet and Wild is a favourite so far, however the opportunity to learn archery, go kayaking and heading to the cinema as a group, have all appealed to the young men.  We are grateful for the support we have received from the community including our day at Broken Arrow Archery, Nambour.

To continue this important and worthwhile event, we invite members of the community to support the initiative and have a fundraising campaign to ensure future opportunities.

Click HERE to visit our Donation Portal.  

Thank you for your support.